Is there a minimum storage period? 

We have a minimum self storage period of 1 month.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. We require a £75 deposit for each Storage Container, this is refundable at the end of your stay with us.

What size container do I need?

Enquire today and we can help advise you on the container size for you.

When can I access my storage container?

Our customers have 24 hour a day access, 365 days a year.

Do I need to bring my own padlock?

You will need to have a padlock on your storage container to ensure that you are the sole key holder for your room and to ensure that your room is securely locked at all times. You can bring your own or you can buy one from us. We offer 2 options of high security padlocks. A padlock can be added when you reserve your container.

When can I move my goods in?

Once you have completed all the online procedures and you have your padlock, you will be able to move in the next day.

What happens if I lose my key?

Once your identity has been confirmed, Storage Space will cut the lock from your storage container so you are able to access it immediately. It will be necessary to acquire a new lock for your container after this. There will be a cost involved so it is advised that this is only a last resort option.

What items can not be stored?

We do not permit the storage of: 

- Hazardous goods, toxic materials

- Pollutants, contaminants, waste

- Perishable goods, live animals, living plants

- Cash and securities, illegal goods

- Explosives, firearms, ammunitions

- We always cooperate with the Police and HM Customs.

Is there parking available?

Yes, there is space for you to park outside your container to unload your goods. There are also additional parking spaces for those who are not unloading.

Do you have a forklift available for hire?

We do have a forklift that can be hired for use. This will be operated by a member of Storage Space staff. Please contact us for a quote for forklift hire. You will need to book this in advance.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, Insurance for goods in storage is mandatory for all of our storage containers. We can provide insurance cover for all our customers or you can arrange your own.

How do I value my goods?

In respect of Business Customers’ stock and work-in-progress, you must declare the current replacement value for all property being stored, taking into consideration the age, quality, degree of use and consequent market value of your property when calculating the settlement.


In respect of all other customers, you must declare the current new replacement value of all property being stored. This means the cost to replace your items with a new equivalent, not the price you paid when you purchased each item. 


If you are storing documents, the value declared by you must include:-

The value of the materials as stationary;

An estimated cost for the clerical labour required to reproduce or write the documents; and

The costs required to reproduce any information recorded.


You do not need to include the value of the information contained in any documentation lost or damaged, as this is not covered.


Please do not ask Storage Space for guidance about your valuation. They are not valuers, and the responsibility for declaring the value is yours.


Remember that you must declare and insure for the full replacement value of the goods being stored on a new for old basis or you will be underinsured. This means any claim would be subject to Underinsurance as per Clauses 5 and 6 within the Insurance Cover Information Document and any claim settlement would be proportionately reduced. For example, if you declare a value of £25,000, but your goods are actually worth £50,000, you are underinsured by 50% and all claims will be proportionately reduced.

What if I need to change the size of my storage container?

During your stay if your need to change the size of container or you would like an additional container please contact Storage Space on 01271 445500 or info@storage-space.uk